Vinyl Coated Colored Kettlebells (From 2KG To 40KG), LB

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Size Available:

  • 2KG-20KG in 2KG increment; 
  • 12KG-40KG in 4KG increment.

(LB is available also)

About Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Are you in need of a killer workout that’s also efficient and fun? These Vinyl Coated Kettlebells are all you need to build your entire body. 

Following are the main features of these vinyl dipped kettlebells.

These kettlebells are consist of cast iron core with color-coded vinyl on the outer. First, the vinyl coating is helpful to protect the floor, in some cases, to avoid the noise. Second, the vinyl-coated kettlebell also has the advantage of different colors coded according to weight and international kettlebell color code standards. In addition, the handle on the heavier kettlebell is large enough to hold both hands; Moreover, steel-reinforced handles increase durability.

As a kettlebell manufacturer, we also use other materials instead of vinyl, such as rubber kettlebells, PU kettlebells. Rubber and PU are common materials used to coat kettlebells, and their role is the same as vinyl coatings.

Features of Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

  1. Type: Vinyl Kettlebells
  2. Color-coded vinyl coating makes it easy to tell & select the weight;
  3. Durable cast iron construction with vinyl for anti-rusting;
  4. Reduce noise and protect the floor from damage;
  5. Textured wide handles are large enough for both hands;
  6. The flat bottom is ideal for renegade rows, or mounted pistol squats;
  7. Available in a variety of weights & colors. And the weight range is from 2 kg to 40 kg, is available also.